Top 20 NuGet numerics Packages

Foundational classes for financial, engineering, and scientific applications, including complex number classes, general vector and matrix classes, structured sparse matrix classes and factorizations, general sparse matrix classes and factorizations, general matrix decompositions, least squares solut...
The GPU-accelerated version of package CenterSpace.NMath. With a few minor exceptions, such as optional GPU configuration settings, the API is identical between CenterSpace.NMath.Premium and CenterSpace.NMath.
Utilities for working with numeric types.
Bonsai Library providing methods and algorithms for common numerical computations.
Main library of ĐTools project contains various platform-independent non-GUI classes missed from .NET framework.
Provides extensions for mathematical computation. 1.X and prior versions have been deprecated in favour of Math.NET Numerics as the base types in the library. Builds upon the generic types provided in order to bring additional algorithms as extensions.
The angle is represented internaly in radians but can be created and read in radians, degrees and gradians. Supports arcminutes and arcseconds, useful for GPS coordinates. The explicit declaration of the units in creation and reading methods, reduces the tipical confusion when dealing with angles. I...
Various extensions to the basic numeric classes that help with computation. An attempt was made at optimization of the methods with improvements always welcome.
KaosCombinatorics is a .NET library that provides classes for generating combinations, k-combinations, multicombinations, k-multicombinations, permutations, k-permutations, and products that are ordered and ranked. These sequences of integers may be used to permute (rearrange) other lists of objects...
The physics library extends YAMP with constants and functions that play an important role in general physics.
The IO library extends YAMP with functionality to interact with the filesystem.
The sensors library extends YAMP with functions which can talk to some of the sensors that can be connected to a Windows PC. This library is required by Sumerics and cannot be disabled.
The Sets library extends YAMP with Sets and set operations.
CSNumerics is a Portable Class Library of various numerical algorithms written in C#. It currently consists of C# implementations of Michael J.D. Powell's optimization algorithms BOBYQA, LINCOA and COBYLA.
Numerics.NET is a library to support obscure operations and convenience methods pertaining to numbers.
Contains classes that represent complex numeric values.
Yet Another Math Parser (YAMP) Core System with all base types and functions.
Academy.Numerics provides a set of definitions to provide standardized arithmetic operations for objects. Using this features you can perform Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Modulus operations over definitions even when they are contained in an assembly extern to your project. Ac...
Yet Another Math Parser (PCL Version) enables you to parse complex (numerical) expressions with a syntax that is quite close to MATLAB's syntax.
Double version of System.Numerics vector libraries