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Win32 Native Controls
Provides SIMD-accelerated operations (create, init, map, ...) on native arrays provided by the NativeInterop package Note for F# Users: The System.Numerics.Vectors package doesn't work out of the box for F# projects. Make sure to MANUALLY ADD <HintPath>..\packages\System.Numerics.Vectors.4.1.1\lib\...
libpng compiled with v140_xp for x86 platforms. The proper zlib version should get installed when this package is getting installed.
GRPC C++ libraries
Intel Embree 2.16.4 for Visual Studio 2015 (v140) & Visual Studio 2017 (v141)
Package with the "net", "crypto" and "url" libraries of the Chromium codebase as a C++ static library. Packed libraries: net.lib, crcrypto.lib, url_lib.lib, http_server.lib, sdch.lib and dependencies. MSBuild will add the package's headers to compiler include directories and the nece...
Descripción del paquete
PDCurses is a public domain curses library for DOS, OS/2, Win32, X11 and SDL, implementing most of the functions available in X/Open and System V R4 curses.
boost_python3-vc100. Compiler: Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Platforms: Win32, x64.
boost_python3-vc110. Compiler: Visual Studio 2012 Update 4. Platforms: Win32, x64.
boost_python3-vc120. Compiler: Visual Studio 2013 Update 5. Platforms: Win32, x64.
boost_python3-vc140. Compiler: Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. Platforms: Win32, x64.
boost_python3-vc141. Compiler: Visual Studio 2017. Platforms: Win32, x64.
boost_python3-vc80. Compiler: Visual Studio 2005 SP1. Platforms: Win32, x64.
boost_python3-vc90. Compiler: Visual Studio 2008 SP1. Platforms: Win32, x64.
Package description
zlib for VS2015+
libpng for VS2015+
C++ XML parser library
A collection of useful bit twiddling algorithms most as extension methods for integer types