Top 20 NuGet mvvm Packages

This facilitates UI and development work occurring almost simultaneously within the same codebase. UI developers write bindings to the ViewModel within their document markup (HTML), where the Model and ViewModel are maintained by developers working on the logic for the application.
Mvvm base compounds as PCL to implement on other platform
WinRT adaptor for Digillect Model-View-ViewModel framework.
The most basic classes for implementing the MVVM pattern in WPF. Contains an implementation for a base view model and support for async / parameterized commands.
A DuoCode Binding for KnockoutJS
This package contains a set of helper classes for WPF, XAML, and Mono applications that use the MVVM pattern.
Preprocessing target for view file in order to use with Storm.Mvvm.Android
Pre compilation task to help Localization on Android. This will simply turn Resw or Resx file to a Strings.xml for Android.
The main purpose of Curanza is to simplify the development of a UWP app for any supported platform. Today a modern app is developed using MVVM pattern, and Curanza helps you to successfully apply this pattern. Using Curanza, for example, you can bind a RelayCommand (and optionally his parameter) to ...
Basic library with useful classes implementing MVVM pattern.
A port of Redux to .NET
The binding Engine that support Binding for all .net environment : WinForm, WPF, Web, Mono, Xamarin, etc.
Observable Vector makes it easy to use the IObservableVector<T> interface in your Windows app. This is the non-generic version which can be used in non-.NET projects targeting the Windows Store, such as C++/CX or JavaScript. Find us on GitHub at
ensamblado con funcionalidades para WPF y MVVM
Allows wider MVVM pattern reuse across WarHub package libraries.
Bare minimum MVVM implementation. Portable.
Pre compilation task to help Localization on iOS. This will simply turn Resw or Resx file to a Localizable.strings for iOS.
Small, fast, cross-platform binding for Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android