Top 20 NuGet linq Packages

A library that provides the infrastructure needed to build powerful LINQ query providers for SQL databases.
.NET Standard Port of Mad Hatter's brilliant LINQ provider built on top of System.DirectoryServices.Protocols for querying and updating LDAP servers.
Execute LINQ queries on Lucene.Net complete with object to Document mapping.
This is the Microsoft assembly for the .Net 4.0 Dynamic language functionality.
C# source implementation that enhances LINQ to Objects with the method ToDelimitedString. Creates a delimited string from a sequence of values. The delimiter used depends on the current culture of the executing thread.
C# source implementation that enhances LINQ to Objects with the method MinBy. Returns the minimal element of the given sequence, based on the given projection.
Core library for exposing a web service through Pomona.
High performance Linq-style extension methods that are multithreaded and use System.Numerics SIMD for arrays and lists.
C# Linq extension with given error messages
DotMarkdown is Markdown framework for .NET Commonly Used Types: DotMarkdown.MarkdownWriter DotMarkdown.MarkdownFormat DotMarkdown.Linq.MFactory
Scalable search-function for databases using Linq.
OData linq for ASP.NET Core 2.0
The easiest way to have fixed thread number parallelism in LINQ on any processor environment! int threadNum=32; [my IEnumerable].GridEach(threadNum, x=> DoWork(x)); q:
LINQ to DB is a data access technology that provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects. This package is a provider for DB2 on the IBM iSeries.
Linq2Azure is a “cloud management” API that gives .NET developers a familiar programming model for querying and managing their Windows Azure environment. Linq2Azure is statically typed and includes Code Contracts, meaning .NET developers can reliably automate the management of their cloud environmen...
Support linq,extened function,Action,Func,Tuple,AsyncTask.. for .net framework 2.0
LambdaComparer class and extension methods additionall to System.Linq.Enumerable methods
A type-safe data context for AWS DynamoDB with LINQ and in-memory caching support. Allows to combine DynamoDB's durability with cache speed and read consistency. Translates LINQ queries into corresponding DynamoDB Get/Query/Scan operations (trying to choose the most effective one) and stores query r...
Provides Linq extensions for 2D .NET arrays.
Reusable definitions for System.Data.Common (ADO.NET)