Top 20 NuGet ioc Packages

Key Value Database, Wrapped Dynamic IL generation with debugging + extensions, IOC Container, Object Database, RPC Library, Snappy Compression, Event Storage
Akka testing helpers that help you test the relationships between your actors
An ultra lightweight Inversion of Control container for the .Net framework. See LightInject.Source for the source distribution.
Ninject is a lightning-fast, ultra-lightweight dependency injector for .NET applications.
Configures Autofac to resolve IRepository as the right configured implementation of SharpRepository
Autofac IoC Container support for Hangfire (background job system for ASP.NET applications).
Autofac implementation of the interfaces in Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions, the .NET Framework dependency injection abstraction. This package allows you to used in .NetStandard1.6, .NetStandard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.1.
Adds support for interception to Ninject using LinFu
NLog Logging extension for Ninject
Self Host extension for Ninject.Web.Common
The Area registration class template for HBD.Mef.Mvc When installed a new class named "ModuleRegister.cs" will be added. You should rename this class and update the Module name according to your module.
The Bootstrapper class template for HBD.Mef.Mvc When installed a new class named "Bootstrapper.cs" will be added in App_Start folder.
Ninject IoC for CoreDdd library
Ninject IoC registration for CoreDdd library
Ninject IoC registration for CoreDdd.Nhibernate library
An Ambient Context Wrapper for Caching, with a DefaultCache. An ultra thin API designed to permiate all projects in a solution and provide quick and easy access to either a default or customised caching engine, allowing projects to remain unchanged even when changing providers for your caching.
DryIoc.MefAttributedModel is DryIoc extension to support Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework for DryIoc container
a develop framework named assistant jane!
CQELight.Autofac is the implementation of CQELight IoC manager abstraction, by using Autofac as IoC container. It also gives some ease to helps you register types in the container, via the IAutoRegisterType interface.
Add to AspNetCore projects only, adds ability to insert RegistrationAttribute types to IServiceCollection.