Top 20 NuGet identityserver Packages

Gunnsoft ASP.NET Core Razor
Unofficial EntityFramework 6 persistence layer for IdentityServer4
A ServiceStack plugin for IdentityServer.
Entity Framework storage for IdentityServer4.WsFederation
Entity Framework storage for Rsk.IdentityServer4.Saml
Google Recaptcha middleware for OpenIdConnect (IdentityServer)
Redis Store for operational data of Identity Server
Marten persistence layer for IdentityServer4 using postgresql as a document store
Native login throttling middleware for OpenIdConnect (IdentityServer)
ASP.NET Core Client Library for the PolicyServer Runtime API
.NET Client Library for PolicyServer Runtime API
IdentityAdmin.EntityFramework is a persistence layer for IdentityAdmin configuration data that uses EntityFramework as it's database abstraction.
IdentityServer Administration Management Portal
Plugin for adding WS-Federation Identity Provider capabilities to IdentityServer3
An IdentityServer plugin for ServiceStack Authentication
NuGet release of IdentityServer4.WsFederation, using ASP.NET Core dependency injection and middleware
Entity Framework Core persistence layer for IdentityServer4. Contains original work and that of other GitHub repositories.
MembershipReboot support for IdentityServer3
IdentityServer Administration Management Portal Core Module
An IdentityServer plugin for ServiceStack Authentication