Top 20 NuGet helper Packages

A .NET Standard 2.0 library of helpers and extensions for working with SOAP payloads in the Nancy web framework.
Test class generator to drive automated web ui tests with Selenium and SpecFlow 2.2.0. Works with BrowserStack, SauceLabs, TestingBot, CrossbrowserTesting and any WebDriver grid. Based on Baseclass.Contrib.SpecFlow.Selenium.NUnit.
Provides useful helpers regarding threading
A .NET Standard 2 library with helpers and extensions for the Nancy web framework.
The Relativity API Helpers include interfaces that you can program against when developing agents, custom pages, and event handlers. They provide the ability to write common code for sharing across these extensibility points, simplifying your development processes and facilitating code reusability.
Helper for UWP apps and libs
Persistence test helpers for CoreDdd library
Helpers for CoreDdd library
A set of generic helper methods and classes for .NET Framework
Library made from coders to coders with some utilities used in GreenConcept projects
Provides IO-related convenience/helper methods.
MCART for Windows Presentation Framework
MCART .Net Standard Edition
It provides some useful extensions methods for software development regardless the application type
EnumUtils provides some essential enum helper methods.
Provides database-related convenience/helper methods.
Provides security-related convenience/helper methods.
A .NET Standard 2.0 library providing helpers for self hosting the Nancy web framework.
It provides the base methods and properties for accessing the object cache using Runtime caching capabilities
MCART Lite Edition