Top 20 NuGet github Packages

** Note: this is a maintenance package, GitHubLink is replaced by GitLink **
Small, simple library for easy fetching GitHubAPI status.
C# integration with Githubs v2 apis - Complete Module
C# integration with Githubs v2 apis - Complete Plugins Module
KatanaContrib.Security.Pack is nuget package for adding all the implemented KatanaContrib authentication providers to your project
A collection of .Net utilities for Github
Cake addin for easy creation of GitHub releases.
Provides an OAuth2 Client for authenticating with GitHub. Hooks into ASP.NET MVC 4 via DotNetOpenAuth. A Fork of GitHubOAuth2Client by jbubriski that adds additional features.
Wyam is a simple to use, highly modular, and extremely configurable static content generator. This library contains modules for interacting with GitHub.
BitBucket and GitHub OAuth Providers for ASP.NET and DotNetOpenAuth
Automatically link issues to their corresponding user story (issues labeled 'story' or 'Story') based on a shared prefix with square brackets, like '[uex] Provide UI hints'.
Core interfaces for OctoHook extensions.
Automatically close issues via standard GitHub mechanism (i.e. 'fixes #123'), regardless of the commit branch.
Automatically apply labels to issues with title formatted with one or more '+[label]'.
Automatically creates task lists on referenced issues, back linking to the source issue and automatically updated.
Automatically assign issues with title formatted with ':[username]' or ':me'.
Html Helpers that provide badges and links to associated Github and Nuget projects. @Html.NuInstall("package") @Html.NuPanel("package", @html, ...) @Html.GhForkme("user/repo", [color], [side]) @Html.GhDownload("user/repo", [font]) @Html.ShBadge(shType.downloads_nuget, ...) @Html.Code(@html)
[DEPRECATED] This package has now been replaced with GitReleaseManager. There will be no further updates to this package. Tool for creating and exporting releases for software applications hosted on GitHub
Umbraco Backoffice Turkish Language Pack
This package has a powershell script. You will reference it, then tweak your .csproj to invoke it appropriately to modify your PDBs