Top 20 NuGet file Packages

Library for parsing and creating COMTRADE (COMmon format for Transient Data Exchange for power systems) files
Library of network protocol implementations (e.g., FTP)
Library for parsing E-MAX Director control and record data files used for transient data exchange
Library for parsing SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) event files
Library for parsing PQDIF (Power Quality Data Interchange Format) files
A .NET library to access files and directories with more than 260 characters length.
Write Serilog events to text files in plain or JSON format.
Add file logging to ASP.NET Core apps with one line of code.
Open Source library for automatic formatted file read/write operations
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
This client library enables working with the Microsoft Azure storage services which include the blob and file service for storing binary and text data, the table service for storing structured non-relational data, and the queue service for storing messages that may be accessed by a client. For...
Windows SDK for v2 of the Box API. The SDK is targeting .NET Framework 4.5
File system access using services and automatic logging.
View and annotate DICOM images in WPF image viewer.
Adds disk caching to the ImageResizer core. Fast, multithreaded, and self-managing. Drastically increases scalability and performance. Writing processed images to disk permits images to be served as static files by IIS, eliminating the typical RAM and CPU overhead assocatied with real-time image pr...
The rolling file sink for Serilog
Windows SDK for v2 of the Box API. The SDK is built for .NET Core and includes JWTAuth support.
Generate Audit Logs from file system events using a FileSystemWatcher
Reads and writes CSV, fixed-length and other flat file formats with a focus on schema definition, configuration and speed. Supports mapping directly between files and classes.
Mime-Detective can find the MIME Types of files