Top 20 NuGet entityframework Packages

Proyecto que contiene las clases bases para repositorio en Fenix
A toolkit that provides a lightweight starter kit for using the Repository pattern for the Entity Framework.
Package Description
Package Description
Auditable entity for EntityFrameworkCore
CollectionView.EntityFramework allows using entity framework as the source of controls supporting C1.CollectionView.
Helper methods to work with Entity Framework 6.* and Moq libraries doing mocks of Entity Framework main methods that access database. To understand how to mock on EF 6, then what this package can do for you, give a look at:
SharpRepository generic repository implemented with Entity Framework 6
User Interface to Manage EF Migrations for MVC applications. Once MVC application deployed and navigate to the application will redirect to the Manage Migrations(Database deployment) page for admin users and database maintenance page for non Admin users.
Simple Event Sourcing
Testing helpers for using Moq with EntityFramework.
Creates a SQLite Database from Code, using Entity Framework CodeFirst. This Project ships several IDbInitializer which creates a new SQLite Database, based on your model/code.
EF+ Query IncludeFilter | Entity Framework Include Related Entities using Where Filter.
The CData Microsoft Access Provider allows you read and write to Access databases.
The CData Apache HBase Data Provider allows you to use standard drivers to access data from an Apache HBase database.
The CData Cassandra Data Provider allows you to use standard drivers to access data from a Cassandra database.
The CData Couchbase Data Provider allows you to connect to Couchbase objects.
The CData CSV Data Provider allows you to display CSV files in a table format. Just specify your credentials to retrieve CSV data and display it in a table.
The CData Dynamics CRM Data Provider allows you to connect to Dynamics CRM Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities just like database tables.