Top 20 NuGet di Packages

AspNetCore feature for IoC container
DryIoc.MefAttributedModel is DryIoc extension to support Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework for DryIoc container
Add to AspNetCore projects only, adds ability to insert RegistrationAttribute types to IServiceCollection.
A library with repository interfaces for using NoSQL
Lightweight IoC Container based on service factory delegates generated at compile-time by DryIoc. Compile-time delegate generation minimizes run-time IoC setup time to Zero.
Extension for Ninject providing integration with ASP.NET MVC WebAPI 2 self host
Simple, powerful and fast IoC container
Adds support for interception to Ninject using LinFu
Automock implementation for NSubstitute using Ninject to create the objects under test.
Rezolver is a fast IOC framework that lets you work the way you want to. It's easy to use and very extensible.
DryIoc is fast, small, full-featured IoC Container for .NET
An Ambient Context Wrapper for Dependency Injection, with a DefaultContainer. An ultra thin API designed to permiate all projects in a solution and provide quick and easy access to either a default container or customised injection engine, allowing projects to remain unchanged even when changing pr...
Xml-based module loader for Ninject.
Ninject extension that allows child kernels to be defined.
Auto-mocking Autofac container that uses NSubstitute.
Configuration support for Autofac.
A lean and mean messagebus
Add to Episerver 11 projects only, adds ability to insert RegistrationAttribute types to Episerver CMS.
Core extensions functionality, adds ability to register external dependencies to an IOC/DI container.
Azure Functions bindings to inject your dependencies