Top 20 NuGet di Packages

DI support for Asp.Net WebApi ApiController
SimpleInjector integration for CoreApp
Autofac integration for CoreApp
Ninject integration for CoreApp
Unity integration for CoreApp
Prism6 Integration for DContainer
A convention that will resolve a type when it is the only implementation for a requested interface or abstract type that has not been explicitly registered.
Source code for DryIoc integration with ASP.NET SignalR
DryIoc integration with ASP.NET SignalR
The package defines a custom Unity's InjectionMember - InjectionCOnstructorLookup. It resolves a provided type between several inheritors of some basis type, depending on their constructor parameter signatures. Each inheritor should have a constructor with a certain signature - each parameter shoul...
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Stateful Services
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Stateless Services
WCF helper package for Containers base package.
WebAPI helper package for Containers base package.
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Reliable Actors
Package to facilitate bootstrapping Reliable Services that require Reliable Collections upon construction.
Cool attribute driven DI registration for .NET core applications
Lightweight IoC container
AutoDI.Container support classes. These are expected to be used with the AutoDI.Container.Fody extension.
Provides a hook to receive a call each time an instance is created by PocketContainer.