Top 20 NuGet ddd Packages

NServiceBus support for Aggregates.NET
StructureMap support for Aggregates.NET
NewtonsoftJson support for Aggregates.NET
EventStore support for Aggregates.NET
ES/CQRS framework for NServiceBus and EventStore
Provides basic building blocks for creating asynchronous projectors that subscribe to an event store.
Plug-in providing in-process messaging with extension points other plug-ins can extend to provided additional messaging patterns.
SimpleInjector support for Aggregates.NET
Ease of use framework for testing Aggregates.NET entities and handlers
Assembly containing base types used for defining message type within the business domain.
Event Sourcing, CQRS and DDD framework for modern C#/.NET applications. ASP.NET platform integration package (user context, authentication using Identity, etc.).
A general purpose library for speeding up the development of .NET applications, especially targeting event-driven applications. Source code and general guidance on how to use this framework can be found here:
.NET Core library for CQRS and Event Sourcing.
Base classes to implement a Domain Model also using DDD (Domain Driven Development) and to abstract the ORM or the storage and change it simply.
Decouple does matter, A simple mediator for .Net for sending command, publishing event and request response with pipelines supported
$ dotnet new -i Paulovich.Caju::0.6.0 $ dotnet new clean It generates a .NET Solution with a layered backend (Domain - Application - Infrastructure - UI) based on the Clean Architecture Style.
Single Page Application client for a Naked Objects application.
Set of open-source libraries helping with DDD and CQRS. CoreDdd documentation: ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC demo email marketing app demonstrating CoreDdd usage:
Use Autofac as the IoC container for Mediator.Net
This (opiniated) domain driven design / microservices focussed command library makes it easy to match commands with one or more services. You can route all commands for a specific root to one or more processors, and add specific configurations for specific commands. Includes deseralization into comm...