Top 20 NuGet core Packages

REST API service template
Core library for tossit.
StrawPoll C# library for creating and accessing strawpolls. Creating strawpolls returns various information including the live URL, and accessing strawpolls includes the live results! .NET Core 2.0 supported.
A stripped down version of Tyrrrz's YouTubeExplode library to be used in SoundByte.
A port of Fasterflect to Netstandard.
Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection based utility for registering into DI container all public types within an assembly namespace
Redux implementation in c#. Redux is a predictable state container made popular by in the js world. Urunium.Redux is redux implementation for .net framework, which tries to implement redux in more c# idiomatic manner. Prior arts: Redux.Net, reducto.
UoW and Repository Pattern with EF
HTTP Api template. Included swagger and docker core middleware for GoogleChrome Rendertron.
Projeto de exemplo para uma série de artigos sobre automação com Cake e .Net Core (não deve ser usado em produção)
This library is designed to help generate and send email messages using razor templates.
.NET Core API for the wireless control of appliances using the nooLite system (including nooLite-F mode). Adapter MTRF-64-USB is supported.
Package Description
.NET Core library to parse Collada files.
Internal package
Provides the core contracts and implementations for GovLib modules
A simple and reusable primitive for reliably unique identifiers usable in any application.
HTC Vita Core API [CommitId: 994bcf9c21e4f606c60d001ea0d9a3eabc21c4f0]