Top 20 NuGet cake Packages

Plist Addin for Cake Build Automation System
Cake Build addon for executing some operations in MS Sql Server.
Cake Build addon for transfering files to and from Amazon S3.
The Cake script runner.
Cake Build addon for Xamarin.
Cake Build addin for using the MsDeploy command line interface (cli).
Cake Build addon to provide Aliases for common File operations (Reading, Writing, Replacing Text).
Helper to perform XDT based config file transforms.
Cake ReSharperReports AddIn.
Cake Build addon for JSON Serialization and manipulation.
The Cake script runner.
Paket addin for Cake.
Provides aliases (extension methods on Cake context) that support CI, build, unit tests, zip, signing, etc. for Cake.
Cake Build addin for [de]serializing and updating an Android AppManifest.
Cake AddIn that provides useful extensions and additional aliases for Cake.Build scripts
A set of aliases for Cake to help with running Npm (Node Package Manager) commands
The Cake core library.
Cake Build addin for Docker.
Cake AddIn that extends Cake with Helm
Cake Build addon for Powershell.