Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

PWDTK Mobile (Password Toolkit Mobile) is a .NET API which easily allows you to create crypto random salt strings and generate password hashes using a HMAC SHA-256 based version of the PBKDF2 specification. It also contains an implementation of password policies which are enforced using regular expr...
Robocode is a programming game. It can be used to teach or learn programming in Java or .NET. It can serve as a platform for exploring AI and machine learning techniques. Or it can be a competitive, addictive hobby that eats up all your time and CPU cycles.
The library supports the following authentication mechanisms: - Plain - Cram-Md5 - NTLM - NTLMv2 - OAuth - OAuth 2.0 - Digest-Md5 - Scram-Sha-1 - SRP Custom SASL Security Providers can be implemented through a simple plugin mechanism.
Automatically manages user settings for C# .NET projects
Beems Matrix Provide all basic functionality for Board Games and Apps.
A simple, extensible, fluent library for handling exceptions, allowing different waiting and repeat strategies
LINQ query operators inspired by Scala
The goal of this project is to allow C# developers who intend to use the Riot Games Web API to pull data from the server easily without worrying about syntax, interface names, method names and parameters. This portable class library is designed to be intuitive, robust and will hopefully help develop...
If it would be needed to generate files in runtime, these classes can be used in conjunction with the compilation utilities to compile the templates. The target is to have a system like the one used by ASP.NET to compile the Razor templates into class. If you need it you could use these class as Raz...
An asynchronous calculation framework for MVVM Models
We moved here: NOTE: The current package is *UNSUPPORTED* since 2016
Enables you to export your DTO objects to an excel file. Useful for dataview export functionality, data analysis
XmlObjectMapper - XML Data Binding Framework
A series of utilities. The documentation can be found on AssembliesManager: Load asssemblies, seek for types and interfaces CommandLineParser: Parse command line and environment variables for an easy usage Crontab: A timer based cront...
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Simple .NET utils
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Oausth support to dot net framework