Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

Deprecated. Use the unified package AsyncBridge instead.
.NET Deezer API wrapper
Application framework for Business Applications for .Net developers
DAL layer interfaces used in Simple Architecture
Generates TypeScript model from .NET assemblies
Shenhua Infotech Core Product Families.
Microsoft Orleans statistics provider for Azure Table Storage
libsndfile for .NET (native dependencies)
libsndfile for .NET
Microsoft Orleans statistics provider for ADO.NET Providers
Simple DI-container
Allows you to control work of flatbed scanner, web and digital camera and any other TWAIN device from .NET environment. You can use this library in your programs written in any programming languages compatible with .NET technology.
Classe de autenticação e pesquisa única no Active Directory
Implements a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.
Represents an e-mail message that can be sent using the <see cref="T:System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient" /> class.
ICryptographyProvider: implements System.Security.Cryptography
An SSH library with a focus on network devices and concurrency.
IBM Data Server provider for Entity Framework Core.
Classe help para oracle com Dapper
Implements a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.