Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

A HIGH PERFORMANCE .NET 4.0 client for Etsy's StatsD server.
PackageNet takes PackageWeb a step further to extend web packages for ANY .net project so that you can publish a package to different environments. Your packages will contain all of your *.config transforms.
A collection of extension methods supplementing a variety of classes in the .NET Framework.
Wddx.Net is a WDDX serializer/deserializer for .NET.
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gicon is to help you to generate icon by 128-bit hash (MD5, SHA1) or GUID.
Easy interface for changing behavior of XmlSerializer without changing the classes being serialized
Innovation accounting for .NET applications.
Library for making RESTful requests to the BSS API with a valid signature.
Library for making RESTful requests to the BSS API with a valid signature.
Client to connect on BitWise Service Engine and perform bitwise queries on object collections.
- Standardized format following RFC 4180 specification - Unix and Windows compatible - Unicode and escaped characters support - Serialization / deserialization to any .NET class
MvcWebApiCors is a small library for .NET MVC 4 which sets the response headers correctly to allow Cross Origin Resource Sharing. You don't have to upgrade to MVC 5, you don't have to upgrade to Visual Studio 2013 and you definitely don't have to have IE10!
Wiktionary library for .NET
.NET SDK for Baidu BCS
ILMerge.Tools repackages Microsoft's ILMerge into a NuGet package that includes the original files in the tools directory instead of as content. The files included in this package are the identical files that are included in the official ILMerge NuGet package of the same version. ILMerge is a utili...
.NET Core Extensions
QueryFilter provides way of providing complex filtering on IQueryable<> with dynamic expression trees. With one property, you can do multiple filters, ands, ors, contains, less than, not equals, etc for anything that implements IQueryable. This also applies to Entity Framework. You also get the abil...
.NET helper library that will make developers life easier. Everything that you cannot find in standard .NET framework can be found here.
Code eXtensions