Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

Package Description
Extension for use native Coreldraw message box more friendly
Simple heartbeat monitor for services, applications and other.
This Library Help you to resize Image (FixedSize - ScaleImage - ARGB - ScaleByPercent - Crop) update Documentation
Generic Data Access Core library
This small library holds some methods to consume Azure Storage provider
Write easy fluent preconditions in methods of your code. The library is provided as it is. Use at your own risk.
Utility stuff for HTTP.
dotnet extensions and helpers
A simple class with a method for handling cache busting on static files (.Net)
.NET Core configuration provider for EF
.NET Core configuration provider for yaml.
A Xamarin Android BeaconSDK Library
AMAP for Xamarin
It's the instead of mysql database connector with our ASP.Net applications. Example: Console, Web Form, MVC5 applications etc.
Xamarin Android UI collection
支持.net framework和.net core2333333
Package Description