Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

Yaaf.Shell some helpers for F# shell scripting.
Loads AppSettings from a settings file and/or Environment Variables. provides a KNX API for .NET, providing Tunneling and Routing connection modes.
Service bus implementation
Service bus implementation
An open source custom flexible logger for .NET apps, supporting text files, windows forms controls and more... Project URL:
This package contains very useful extension functions for multiple types ie. : strings, IEnumerable,list,enum,datatable,IQueryble. For code overview, please visit project site.
Build script which only purpose is to provide out of the box solution for building .NET projects, creating nuget packages and publishing packages
Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime redistributable package DLL's for Web based applications
Portable math support for Decimal that Microsoft forgot and more. Includes Decimal versions of Sqrt, Pow, Exp, and Log as well as the trig functions Sin, Cos, Tan, ASin, ACos, ATan, ATan2. Also included is other functionality for working with numbers in Decimal precision.
.net Extension Helpers
A .NET version of LibJpeg library made by Bit Miracle, forked by b9chris, updated by Tobias Schulz
.net logger
.net file logger
.net email logger
WebSocket Proxy acts as gateway for HTTP and WebSocket servers
System.Action and System.Func for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5. This is a backport from .NET Core.
This package helps you in sending email using smtp with proper format without writing any basic code, just create object and pass details.