Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

Log module for rabbitmq
This utility makes writing secure websites easier by wrapping the query string System.Web.HttpRequest's QueryString, Form, and Cookie properties with an easy-to-extend sanitizer.
This utility makes writing secure MVC websites easier by allowing action parameters to be passed as UnsafeValue objects.
.NET wrapper for the Collective2 API v3.
1.2 同步支持官方0.4接口; 1.1.5 完善功能、优化代码;查询类接口增加分页功能; 1.0版 主要操作会话和令牌,录像接口待服务端API完善后再添加!
Cryptography extensions for strings and arrays of bytes.
Extensions to the .NET Identity 2.0 package, with support for api keys and authentication tokens
A JavaScript expression, C# string wrapper library
Provides an object renderer to integrate with log4net to dump exceptions (or any/all object types) using the ObjectPrinter. Also provides a log4net type inspector to prevent prevent dumping log4net objects that should be converted to strings.
A flexible and easy to use .NET library that simplifies matching of values as well as filtering.
Entity Framework helpers for cfl-api.Net
.net/Mono library to manage WittyPi board.
Generic template for implementing Singleton Design Pattern.
Cross platform .net roku client library
Core component of the CRUD.NET package family, providing support for DDD-inspired C.R.U.D. functionality of .NET REST APIs and Microservices
Implementation of Facebook APIs for usage within .net applications
NSourceMap - source maps for .NET
This is somehow a yeoman-like, interactive console in the .net core.
yemon-like console/terminal application in .net core