Top 20 NuGet Packages

Little MVC extension for asking your models if they're valid
Data Dource Control That Uses Events to preform CRUD Operations, that mimics WebForms Model Binding, but for ASP.Net 4.0. Extends QueryableDataSource.
Package Description
MiniProfiler support for ModelFramework.Mvc
Automatic property generation in ViewModels from Model classes.
Maps object to object using name convention
ModelMatcher makes verifying models in your unit tests easier and cleaner.
Extension to Model Metadata that provide convention based resource lookup bugfix:
A simple view model binder
A simple view model binder
My fisrt Nuget package
Originally developed by Torsten Mandelkow. NuGet package created by Farhan Ghumra
This project provides a small library to display charts in Modern UI Style (formerly known as Metro) in WPF, Silverlight and Windows 8 applications. You can check the charts with the Silverlight test application here:
Charts for Modern.UI
Compatibility pack allowing to use most of .NET 4.5's features while running the .NET 3.5 runtime. Useful when forced to use 3.5
Modern Climate Shared Library
A set of controls and styles converting your WPF application into a great looking Modern UI app.
.NET Standard 2.0 Game Engine built on top of Monogame
This framework helps interact with the FreeSwitch via its mod_event_socket. For more information about the mod_event_socket refer to FreeSwitch web site. The framework is written using DotNetty. In its current state it can help build IVR applications more quickly.