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Logrila is a simple logging adapter.
Logrila is a simple logging adapter.
LogSearchShipper client
Simple Logger for Xamarin
Simple log file sorting utility. It will scan and combine log files using a configurable regex key.
Package Description
A simple LogTankAppender for log4net, works so far only with HTTP
Awesome Exception Loggin Utility
This Service Simply write to a file
My package description.
a log utility
This package helps in log error with the help of log4net
Log Viewer for Nu.Logger. Note, you need Nu.Logger.SqliteOrm if you have SQLite logger or you need Nu.Logger.PgsqlOrm if you have PostgreSql logger. LogViewer will load them at runtime.
An engine for convenient working with application text logs. The engine parses text logs separates it to messages and read metadata if necessary.
WebLog is a decentralized logger using a RESTful API. This component is a log4net appender to address this API.
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Entities definitions from
Loads environment variables from a .env file into your .NET application's process environment variables.
Lokad.Shared.dll is a single lightweight .NET library that includes: Exception Handling Action Policy Block, Validation and Business Rules Application Block, Miscellaneous helper classes and methods: * Tuples, * Enforce code contracts, * Fast reflection methods, * Interfaces for abstracting away com...