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ZXing.Net is a port of ZXing, an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library originally implemented in Java.
It has been ported by hand with a lot of optimizations and improvements.

It is now compatible with .Net 2.0, .Net 3.5, .Net 4.0, .Net 4.5, .Net 4.6, Windows RT Class Library and Components, UWP (experimental), .Net Standard 1.6 (experimental), Silverlight 4, Silverlight 5, Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8.x and Xamarin.Android.


- Last update: 3/1/2017
- Version: 0.15.0
- Project documentation: http://zxingnet.codeplex.com/
- Read more info on NuGet.org...
This package has 0 dependencies.
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Run this command from the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package ZXing.Net

barcode 2D QR data Matrix PDF ZXing scanning 1D UPC-A UPC-E EAN-8 EAN-13 ITF Codabar RSS-14 PDF417 Aztec 417


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