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Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio .NET Multi-format HTML5 Document Viewer is the next-generation multi-format document-viewing technology for .NET developers.

The DocumentViewer control supports viewing, form-filling, text searching (with OCR support) and printing PDF, DOCX, DOC, TXT, BMP, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF, and single-page and multi-page TIFF.


- Last update: 5/8/2017
- Version: 17.2.0
- Project documentation: http://www.gnostice.com/XtremeDocumentStudio_dot_NET.asp
- Read more info on NuGet.org...
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Run this command from the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package XtremeDocumentStudio.NETHTML

HTML Document Viewer PDF DOCX DOC TIFF JPG BMP png Converter printer html5 PDFViewer image ImageViewer HTML5-PDFViewer HTML5-PDF-Viewer HTML5-document-Viewer documentviewer asp.netpdfviewer asp.net-mvc-viewer htmlpdfviewer tiffviewer docxviewer docviewer OCR FormFilling Document-Viewer PDF-Viewer


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