NUnitLite Extended Output

Fixes and adds extra output information later each test execution.

NUnitLite provides a simple way to run NUnit tests, without the overhead of a full NUnit installation. It is suitable for projects that want to have a quick way to run tests using a console runner and don't need all the features of the NUnit engine and console runner.

Supported platforms:
- .NET 2.0+
- .NET Standard 1.3 and 1.6
- .NET Core

How to use this package:

1. Create a console application for your tests and delete the generated class containing Main().
2. Install the NUnitLite package, which creates a new Main() as well as adding a reference to NUnitLite.

This will also bring in the NUnit package, which adds a reference to the nunit framework to your project.
3. Add your tests to the test project and simply start the project to execute them.


Version: 3.7.1
Author(s): Charlie Poole
Last Update: Friday, September 1, 2017
.NET Fiddle:
Project Url:
NuGet Url:

Install-Package NUnitLite.Out
dotnet add package Z.EntityFramework.Plus.EF6
paket add NUnitLite.Out
NUnitLite.Out Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

.NETFramework 2.0
  • No dependencies.
.NETFramework 3.5
  • No dependencies.
.NETFramework 4.0
  • No dependencies.
.NETFramework 4.5
  • No dependencies.
.NETStandard 1.3 .NETStandard 1.6 Other
  • NUnit(>= 3.7.1 && <= 3.7.1)