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Main Features:


Mail Message Generation:

* Email templates can be fully individualized in terms of recipients, subject, HTML and/or plain text, attachments and even headers. Placeholders are inserted as variable names from data source between curly braces like so: {MailboxAddress.Name} or with formatting arguments like {Date:yyyy-MM-dd}.
* HTML text may contain images from local hard disk, which will be automatically inserted as inline attachments.
* For HTML text MailMergeLib can generate a plain text representation.
* Attachment sources can be files, streams or strings.
* The data source for email merge messages to a number of recipients and be any IEnumerable object as well as DataTables. The data source for single emails can be any of the following types: Dictionary, ExpandoObject, DataRow, any class instances or anonymous types. For class instances it's even allowed to use the name of parameter less methods.
* Placeholders in the email can be formatted with any of the features known from string.Format by using SmartFormat.NET.

SmartFormat is a parser coming close to string.Format's speed, but bringing a lot of additional options like easy pluralization for many languages.

2. Sending Mail Messages:

* Practically unlimited number of parallel tasks to send out individualized emails to a big number of recipients.
* Several SMTP mail servers concurrently
* Progress of processing emails can easily be observed with a number of events.
* SMTP failures can automatically be resolved supplying a backup configuration.

3. Save and restore:

* Messages and templates can be saved and loaded to/from XML files.
* Configuration settings for messages and SMTP can be stored to and loaded from an XML file.

- Last update: 8/18/2017
- Version: 5.3.0
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Install-Package MailMergeLib
dotnet add package MailMergeLib
paket add MailMergeLib
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