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ImageResizer.Mvc [deprecated - merged with ImageResizer core]


- Last update: 6/22/2017
- Version: 4.1.9
- Project documentation:
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This package has 1 dependency.
1 package depend on this package.

Run this command from the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package ImageResizer.Mvc

ImageResizer ImageResizing.Net Resize Resizer Resizing Crop Cropper Cropping automatic jCrop asp:Image photo image Rotate Flip Drawing System.Drawing WIC WPF disk caching JPEG JPG GIF png MVC IIS transparency octree quanitization animated gifs dithering Gaussian blur sharpen sharpening radius contrast saturation hue brightness histogram sepia grayscale invert color pixel shader plugins noise removal exif rotation autorotate Azure azurereader worker blob blobstore zip Batch compress cache-control expires Amazon cloudfront S3 quality format drop shadow 404 handling url rewriting gradient freeimage CatmullRom Lanczos3 bspline box bicubic bilinear CRW CR2 NEF RAF DNG MOS KDC DCR redirect actionresult Routing Logging nlog PSD Remote download webclient virtual path provider virtualpathprovider CAIR seam carving content aware alpha channel y ry ntsc bt709 Flat size limit sizelimiting getthumbnailimage bitmap sql database query Watermark folder Text overlay whitespace trimming product Images Thumbnails padding pad margin borders Background bgcolor InterpolationMode Fant IWICBitmap IWICBitmapSource imazen MvcRoutingShim System.Web.Routing imaging


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