NuGet Packages By Dependencies

ZuriGroup.Zurtility.Common icon

Zurtility.Common [1 dependencies]

Contains common API methods and wrappers
Phi.Kafka.Fluent icon

Phi.Kafka.Fluent [1 dependencies]

Kafka Fluent Configuration Library
Phi.Kafka.Active icon

Phi.Kafka.Active [1 dependencies]

Kafka Reactive and Enumerable Extensions
LGU.DigitalPersona icon

LGU.DigitalPersona [1 dependencies]

LGU.NET base library using DigitalPersona OneTouch ID for Windows. To use this package, please install Digital Persona One Touch ID RTE on your system.
LGU icon

LGU [1 dependencies]

Core library.
kenjiuno.PdfSharp-WPF icon

kenjiuno.PdfSharp-WPF [1 dependencies]

PDFsharp - A .NET library for processing PDF
DC.Libraries.Extensions.DependencyInjection icon
Package Description
Datamart.Tanner.FE.Dto icon
Clases DTP para Api FE backend
assimp_native.redist icon
Redistributable components for package 'assimp_native'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Wikiled.OpenNLP icon

Wikiled.OpenNLP [1 dependencies]

C# port of the Java OpenNLP tools retrieved from (it's not mine!)
TacoDevs.Survey.Core icon

Survey.Core [1 dependencies]

Lets go
Loki.SignalServer.Extensions.Interfaces icon
The extension interfaces library for the Loki WebSocket Signaling Server
iayos.DbUp.ScriptProviders icon

iayos.DbUp.ScriptProviders [1 dependencies]

Provide clean names (ie .sql filename and .cs classname WITHOUT namespace and folder path included) for DbUp migration scripts and classes (embedded and filesystem) with namespace removed to futureproof refactoring and relocation of script files. Inspired by my own experience where refactorin...
Universal.Common icon

Universal.Common [1 dependencies]

General purpose classes and extension methods.
PeterJuhasz.AspNetCore.Security.Extensions.RedirectPolicy icon
Prevents redirects to unsafe locations. Allows only the ones listed explicitly.
PeterJuhasz.AspNetCore.Security.Extensions.HttpPublicKeyPinning icon
Adds the Public-Key-Pinning header to all responses.
PeterJuhasz.AspNetCore.Security.Extensions.ContentSecurityPolicy icon
Adds the Content-Security-Policy header to responses with content type text/html.
TestGameCompany.TestGame.Resources icon

Resources [1 dependencies]

Some description
TeamControlium.Framework.Utilities icon

TeamControlium Utilities [1 dependencies]

Utilities for use with the TeamControlium test framework
emFramework.Content icon

emFramework.Content [1 dependencies]

emFramework.Content is a set of utilities, functions, templates, and extension developed by ExcelliMatrix to improve the delivery of software.