Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on SharpZipLib

Total dependencies: 241

Equip is a group of useful functionality and tools to make writing code easier.
NitroNet Core package
GitSharp is an implementation of Git for the Dot.Net Framework and Mono. It is aimed to be fully compatible to the original Git and shall be a light weight library for cool applications that are based on Git as their object database or are reading or manipulating repositories in some way.
Easy-to-use, readable and comprehensive library for consuming TeamCity REST API. Written using real scenarios in mind, enables variuos range of queries and operation on TeamCity
A library for reading the rpm file
Downloads appropriate CEF binaries and unpacks them beside the application or another working directory
My package description.
Parsea un archivo de excel y lo convierte a una lista de objetos
Map objects to Lucene.Net Documents and vice versa. Query for Documents based on their mapped types.
Arragro.Redis is a Redis base library.
Mono.Addins is a framework for creating extensible applications, and for creating add-ins which extend applications. Mono.Addins.Setup provides an API for managing add-ins, creating add-in packages and publishing add-ins in on-line repositories.
Git Helper Library
System for benchmarking the Lucene.Net full-text search engine library from The Apache Software Foundation.
SharpZip, ClassZip,ZipHelper,SharpZipLib
Yarn NHibernate Provider
盘古分词( ),由于老版本不支持最新Lucene.Net 3.0.3,对其进行了升级,可以支持最新的Lucene.Net 3.0.3。可以直接NuGet安装。
A new build framework for C# projects.
Symbol and source server counterpart to NuGet.Server. Can also host NuGet and OpenWrap packages on its own.