Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Fody

Total dependencies: 214

Add property notification to all classes that implement INotifyPropertyChanged.
Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite and ORMs. This package contains just classes for communicating with the offline database. If you're looking to synchronize realm files with the Realm Mobile Platform, add the Realm parent package.
Fody add-in for embedding references as resources.
Add null checks.
Fody extension to generate RaisePropertyChange notifications for properties and ObservableAsPropertyHelper properties.
Adds basic timing to methods.
The main library for the development of Reloaded Mod Loader Modifications. Provides you with JIT X86/64 Assembly, Memory Buffers, X86/64 Function Calling, X86/64 Function Hooking, X86/64 Custom Function Hooking (Usercall/Userpurge), X86/64 Function Pointers, Virtual Function Table Hooking/Calling, N...
Fody extension for simplifying the creation of objects from your favorite DI container Release notes:
A simple localization implementation that can work with different sources. Breaking changes in 3.1.x - See for more information.
A Fody weaver which allows to decorate methods and hook into method start, method end and method exceptions. Additionally you have access to useful method parameters.
Fody add-in that provides custom interception. Supports Net45, NetStandard2.0 and UWP. Method, Property, Constructor and Field interceptors can be found in the package Cauldron.BasicInterceptors (
The activator is a simple and fast dependency injection framework. It is based on attributes and does not require any configuration files for configuration. It also supports using static methods as component constructor. This version is not compatible with Assemblies weaved by versions older t...
This add-in gives you extended control over auto-properties, like directly accessing the backing field or intercepting getters and setters.
A simple MVVM framework that heavily uses IL-weaving based on Fody.
Inject arbitrary IL code at compile time.
Inject arbitrary IL code at compile time.
Adds a module initializer to an assembly.
SiteServer CMS
Validation Framework for Cauldron.Win32.WPF
Simplifies logging through a static helper class and some IL manipulation.