NuGet Packages By Dependencies

Magick.NET.Core-Q8.Native icon

Magick.NET.Core-Q8.Native [1 dependencies]

Dependency for Magick.NET.Core-Q8 that should be installed instead of this package.
NancyController icon

NancyController [1 dependencies]

This library provides a NancControllerModule, this creates a Nancy Module which binds methods to routes similar to the way it looks and feels in Mvc.Net.
PicnicOrm icon

PicnicOrm [1 dependencies]

Map a hierarchy of entities when loading from a SQL connection. Also grab PicnicOrm.Dapper for a IGridReader implementation using Dapper.
RawRabbit.DependencyInjection.Autofac icon
Wire up RawRabbit with Autofac!
SimpleLogInterface icon

SimpleLogInterface [1 dependencies]

A clean and simple logging interface
IkitMita.Mvvm.Views icon

IkitMita.Mvvm.Views [1 dependencies]

View Classes for IKIT MITA MVVM implementation
Typed.Xaml icon

Typed XAML [1 dependencies]

Typed XAML adds advanced generics support to WPF and Windows 10 apps. Find us on GitHub at
RapidPriorityQueue icon

Priority Queue For .Net [1 dependencies]

A simple and super efficient priority queue
WorkZone.OpenMind.Utilities icon

WorkZone.OpenMind.Utilities [1 dependencies]

Common loose coupled utility classes.
Angara.Chart icon

Angara.Chart [1 dependencies]

An F# library that allows to define and display a chart as a collection of plots such as line, band, markers, heatmap. Supports visualization of uncertain values. Powered by JavaScript library InteractiveDataDisplay.
audout icon

C++ audio library [1 dependencies]

C++ audio library
TinyLog-Full icon

TinyLog-Full [1 dependencies]

TinyLog is a light-weight, simple and yet very comprehensive and powerful Logging Provider for .NET Applications.
Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Auth icon
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Google Play Services - Auth 10.2.1
opencvdefault.redist icon

Opencv Default Build Redist [1 dependencies]

Redistributable components for package 'opencvdefault'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Aspnet.WebApi.HelpPage icon

Aspnet.WebApi.HelpPage [1 dependencies]

HelpPage for Aspnet WebApi not depend on Aspnet MVC, can self host with WebApi by Owin
Helpfulcore.RenderingExceptions.Types icon
A tool for informative exception handling for sitecore solutions per rendering basis.
Janglin.RestApiSdk icon

Rest API SDK [1 dependencies]

Helper method library with convenient methods to assist with creating more specific web API SDKs.
C3.ServiceFabric.HttpCommunication icon
Package Description
CS.Reactive icon

CS.Reactive [1 dependencies]

Utility library. Contains TcpClient and TcpListener wrappers, along with other things that utilize the Reactive framework.
EncounterGen.Bootstrap icon

EncounterGen.Bootstrap [1 dependencies]

This is a Ninject-based bootstrapper for EncounterGen