Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Unity

Total dependencies: 575

MassTransit Unity container support; MassTransit is a message-based distributed application framework for .NET
Unity.WebAPI allows the simple Integration of the Unity IoC container with ASP.NET Web API.
C# .Net common components for use in various Crossroads web applications. This contains some common shared components needed by many or all of these applications.
A set of classes, utilities, etc. addressing various common cross-cutting concerns or extending existing similar libraries like Enterprise Library, Unity, etc. Supports .NET 4.6.2 and 4.7.1.
An XActLib assembly: a Library for common fragments of code to do with Unity
Testura.Android.PageObject is a lightweight support framework for Testura.Android and provides help classes to follow and implement the page object pattern.
Unity.Mvc5 allows the simple integration of the Unity IoC container with ASP.NET MVC 5.
Unity integration for SolrNet. SolrNet is a .NET Open Source client for Apache Solr. This version of SolrNet is compatible with Solr 1.x to Solr 7.x.
Makes SharePoint customization and extension easy and smooth.
DaisyTech PreTool Services
Unity.Mvc3 is a library that allows simple Integration of Microsoft's Unity IoC container with ASP.NET MVC 3. This project includes a bespoke DependencyResolver that creates a child container per HTTP request and disposes of container resolved IDisposable instances at the end of the request.
The VTS (Virtual Tissue Simulator) is an open source library for .NET that was designed as a modular and scalable platform to provide an integrated suite of computational tools to define, solve, visualize, and analyze relevant forward and inverse radiative transport problems in Biomedical Optics.
Unity integration for SolrNet.Cloud. This version of SolrNet.Cloud is compatible with Solr 1.x to Solr 7.x.
DaisyTech PreTool Controls
nlog日志,prism封装. 引用NLog,Prism.Unity, NJT.Core,
KickStart Extension for Unity
IST Web Base Infrastructure
DaisyTech PreTool Data
Arragro Base library for MVC applications.
DaisyTech PreTool Kernel