Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Modernizr

Total dependencies: 175

ErrLog.IO is an exception and error logging tool
201804 NuGetSample
IVS Shared
Web for an enterprise system
Microsoft Application
Web API MVC 5 Application with auto update implementation via self-package as NuGet package
This package installs the Eleflex.WebClient component. It hosts an ELELEX web client application that communicates with an ELEFLEX web server application using services. This package is intended to be installed on an ASP.NET Web Application (Empty Template) project. ELEFLEX is a platform for buildin...
Package for Lightbox that is small javascript library used to overlay images on top of the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.
Web Application
What is this? ------------- SpaStack.NET is a Single Page Application (SPA) web boilerplate framework built from Durandal.js JayData.js ASP.NET Web API 2 oData . It allows you to maintain one slim codebase . It be package with PhoneGap for native deployments to Android / iPhone / Blackberry / Windo...
Dracoola Art Web Ex Umbraco Boilerplate assembly
Futura Shared Server dlls
Backbone.js TypeScript Starter Kit
Backbone.js TypeScript Starter Kit
Backbone.js JavaScript Starter Kit
Backbone.js CoffeeScript Starter Kit
Library for extend ASP.NET Scaffolding functionality: - Twitter Bootstrap - CKEditor - Bootstrap Datepicker - Azure Storage X.Scaffolding is a part of X-Framework library.