Top 20 NuGet jQuery Packages

Jquery UI Themes : smoothness
Asp.Net MVC HtmlHelper method for creating links generating a modal CRUD actions using Jquery and Ajax with MVC Juste use as example: @Html.ActionModalLink(Url.Action("IndexPartial", "documents"), Url.Action("Edit", "documents",new { id = item.IdDocument }),null, null, ActionType...
Metro UI CSS allows to create a Web site in the style of Windows 8 quickly and without distractions on routine tasks. This version supports RTL, you need to change @direction variable in variables.less
Table QuickSearch - JQuery Plugin
Table QuickSearch - JQuery Plugin use: $('TableSelector).quickSearch({ searchField: '#qsearch', //der Container in dem das Inputfeld für die Suche erstellt wird });
Beinhaltet unterschiedliche jQuery Plugins: 1. quickSearch -> Filtert Tabellen Zeile für Zeile nach einem eingegebenen Suchbegriff und zeigt nur die Zeilen an die dem Suchbegriff entsprechen --> z.B. aufzurufen mit: $('.tableClass').quickSearch(); --> Für Parameter di...
Merges multiple html files & JavaScript references into one single Html page based on a custom layout for use with JQuery Mobile + PhoneGap
Growl is a jQuery plugin designed to provide informative messages in the browser
Dable is simple and elegant. It has ZERO dependencies and works in IE 8+