Top 20 NuGet Xamarin Packages

Cross Platform Mobile Development

F# MVC for Xamarin.Forms
A helper library of BindingConverters, MarkupExtensions, and other utilities for building XAML applications on platforms that support Xamarin.Forms.
Fizzler port for Xamarin.Forms
Provide some useful extensions for serialization
Provide a simple way to make Web API calls asynchronously!
Provide some useful extensions for serialization
Behavior for Xamarin.Forms.
Extensions for Xamarin.Extensions.
String masking plugin for text input controls
Xamarin binding library for CYRTextView
Xamarin iOS UI Radio Button
Xamarin UI Base Component
Xamarin iOS UI Dialog Component
Xamarin Android UI Dialog Component
Test Library Solution
RoundedFrame for UWP.
The small and smart MVVM framework made with ❤ for Xamarin.Forms.
Simple cross-platform horizontal listview for Xamarin.forms
Extensions Library