Top 20 NuGet XML Packages

Simple .NET EDI X12 Reader, Writer and Validator. EDI JSON and XML Serialization and Deserialization.
Zephyr is the namespace for utility libraries in Synapse; Zephyr utilities are suitable for stand-alone usage outside Synapse. Synapse is lightweight execution engine for unifying federated data sources and processes. The DataTransformation utilitiy library supports YAML/JSON/XML transformation capa...
A class library that generates Markdown from .NET XML documentation comments.
Hammock is an HTTP API library for .NET that greatly simplifies consuming and wrapping RESTful services.
XML comparison library.
EasyDocDb - embedded nosql document persistance for .NET Core.
-easy reading an writing data -supported formats: Csv, Fixed, Sql, Xml, Excel, Access, ADO (Oracle SqlServer, PostGre,...) -supports streaming an pipelining
Implements event sinks that output incoming events to files.
xSkrape provides parsing / tabular detection for structured, semi and non-structured data sources with minimal coding. Interact with HTML, JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, DropBox, Google Docs and other sources using simple directives. This package lets you embed xSkrape functionality in your .NET Framework a...
An XML implementation of ISerializer provided by Greentube.Serialization
Serialization related shareable code.
Generate xml sitemaps for Umbraco 7+
Generate xml sitemaps for EpiServer 7+
Makes it easy to load a strongly-typed object (or IList of objects) from a custom web.config or app.config file section without having to write a custom IConfigurationSectionHandler implementation.
WPF module of Alba.CsConsoleFormat. WPF control for rendering console documents. Output images to console. Export to FixedDocument, FlowDocument, RTF and XPS.
Helpers to perform .config file XML transformations, and to test the resulting transformed XML (or actually any XML, whether it's .config format or not).
An Autofac extension for IoC.Configuration.
WebMarkupMin.AspNet4.Common is auxiliary package, that contains classes for ASP.NET 4.X extensions.
WebMarkupMin.AspNet4.Mvc contains 4 action filters: `MinifyHtmlAttribute` (for minification of HTML code), `MinifyXhtmlAttribute` (for minification of XHTML code), `MinifyXmlAttribute` (for minification of XML code) and `CompressContentAttribute` (for compression of text content by using GZIP or Def...
Rolling file version of the XML trace listener extension for System.Diagnostics, along with required config sections. Writes E2ETraceEvent XML fragments to a text file, rolling to a new file based on a filename template (usually including the date). The E2ETraceEvent XML fragment format can be read ...