Top 20 NuGet Windows Presentation Foundation Packages

Small toolkit for WPF applications using MVVM pattern.
Extension of SwollenMvvmToolking.Core to integrate with Calibur.Micro framework.
SharkEx Physics Engine for WPF Apps
Implements a number of things oddly missing from WPF, as well as some helpers for writing WPF apps that are not pure MVVM.
Responsive grid is a custom panel control for WPF/UWP. This library provides the grid layout system that is similar to Bootstrap framework.
A simple Accordion for WPF
Custom implementation of the ICommand interface with the ability to specify keys and modifiers
This NuGet adds the MVVM ViewModelBase class for usage in WPF. All classes that inherit from ViewModelBase will have the INotifyPropertyChanged interface, with the caller member name attribute. There are also 2 useful classes. RelayCommand - allows you to create an anonymous command using lambda exp...
Collection of XAML converters
DI Container for WPF
Unkown WPF Taskbar Notifier Library
Prototype of Elm inspired immutable MVVM library for Wpf
Binding to enum collections
Toggl Switch for WPF based applications, use this switch for highly customized WPF Applications.
Atteched behaviours for common operations with focus
A very rich implementation for ICommand pattern with 24 types of commands that meet all the requirements.
BarcodeWPF is pure WPF barcode control, support multi-symbologies and colors, base on
Use FontAwesome icon in a WPF application
The FuncConverter class.