Top 20 NuGet Windows Presentation Foundation Packages

Cake host for ClickTwice publishing, including the addin and all required libraries
NB! This package is deprecated, use LiveXAML instead LiveXAML allows for live UI reload in Xamarin Forms applications. This package is a runtime dependency, you also need to install Visual Studio extension.
Embeddable image resizing library for console, WPF, & WinForms usage. Not suitable for use in ASP.NET applications.
A WPF control to provide a human-friendly way to select a date range. It shows two date pickers, list of range types, buttons to step back and forth. E.g. for the "Month To Date" range type, if today is 5/24/2017, the step back will be the period from 4/1/2017 to 4/24/2017.
A flip view that works on Win7. Handles mouse & touch.
View models that support Manatee.Wpf.MessageBox
Useful WPF functionality
WPF/MVVM control to implement a textbox and combobox with a watermark (a faded label inside the text editing area).
WPF controls
Wpf Caret is a customisable framework element can be used to easily implement caret in your app...
Allows to reuse the same instance of a WinForms or WPF app
MvvmMonkey is a low-overhead library that take a little bit of the boiler-plate (and pain) out of MVVM
Wpf framework library
Simple WPF Navigation Library
Beautiful Modern UI Control like WEB UserInterface for wpf
Linq operators on ObservableCollection
vBridge extends .NET's GUI capabilities by giving developers additional system features, and increases productivity by eliminating common boilerplate code.
Transitionals is a framework for building and using WPF transitions which provide an easy way to switch between UI views in a rich and animated way. Think of transitions for applications in the same w