Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


SimpleSalesforceConnect is a .NET Core platform based class library that can be used to connect to Salesforce to obtain the Access Token and Instance Url to make further Rest API calls. Wrappers are added to download Salesforce logs and then upload logs to Amazon S3 bucket. Visit the project site ...
SilkCode REST API client
.NET client URL for virtualQ API
Plesk .NET Library
An ASP.NET Web API message handler that supports decompression of gzip'd data.
This library allows you to search the steam store and returns a list of objects containing the listing name, price (USD), store link, image link, and app id.
ApiAuthenticate is a .NET Core class library that is a wrapper around HttpClient and can be used to obtain authentication tokens from client such as Salesforce, Blackboard using Grant_Type ClientCredentials or Password. AWS Connection is also supported. Visit the project site to get more info on us...
Unofficial .Net Client for
aquirrel base lib.
Framework for easy RPC (Remote Process Communication)! Supports .NET Standard 1.6, so will run on any modern .NET platform, including .NET Core!
A dotNet client library for Marketo REST API.
作者:神牛步行3 博客地址: 帮助文档: 描述:神牛步行3的Api接口SDK包;此版本的接口有: 1.文字验证码 2.伪12306图片验证码 3.天气查询 4.IP定位城市 5.生成二维码图片 6.单点登录中间件(包含:登录,验证,退出方法) 注:特殊账号联系作者841202396@qq.com开通权限 其他描述:接口服务客户端SDK的nuget包地址:Install-Package ShenNiuApi.SDK,此接口服务拥有统一的账号验证功能...
Easy to use wrapper around the Pro Publica Congress API
Easy to use wrapper around the Pro Publica Congress API
.NET Standard 1.6 Asynchronous wrapper for Cleverbot.IO
Librería para consultar datos RENIEC y SUNAT en C#
Extended library for Gigya Rest API C#
The DeveloperForce.NetCore.Force NuGet provides a .NET library for interacting with Salesforce's REST APIs Compatible with ASP.Net Core.
.NET models for Steam API entities.
A simple Cake addin powered by NSwag for compiling client code and API definitions from a variety of sources