Top 20 NuGet WCF Packages

WCF client wrapper.
SharpMessaging is a fast and easy to use messaging layer on top of TCP. Faster than WCF and requires less configuration.
This is a common WCF Serice framework for all applications
This is a common WCF framework for all applications
Extensions/Helper Methods for WCF
Code library for creating runtime emitted Wcf proxy clients.
Common Library to support Dependency Injection like PRISM
Provieds an easy way for adding wse-security header into the soap messages; and inspection of request reponse messages.
Use in place of generated proxy classes for WCF.
Generic WCF client
Silverlight Authorization Library for WCF RIA Services.
RIAServices.WindowsAzure provides the TableDomainService<T> class, as well as the TableEntity and TableEntityContext classes that can be used to create Domain Services backed by Windows Azure Table Storage.
!!PRE RELEASE VERSION!! The package published is not complete yet. meanwhile it only complete discovery announcement via p2p instead of udp. The ad-hoc discovery via Find and Resolve not implemented yet. But the rest is already there - Extend the WCF discovery to...
A JSON-P HttpResponseHandler for WCF Web API. How to use it?!.aspx
Generic link table implementation used by RIAServices.M2M.
Silverlight part of RIAServices.M2M providing the M2M view on link table entities.
Silverlight 5 Chat, Full-duplex Publish-Subscribe -pattern on TCPIP concept demo (WCF F# and SL F#)
Package that allows services to be automatically loaded with standardized endpoints. The premise is that the services you wish to host will be hosted within WAS/IIS and can be activated via HTTP, TCP, MSMQ or WebHTTP (REST). This version uses Windsor Castle for IoC.