Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

SpecFlow+Runner - a smarter integration test runner for NUnit. Check the details on the website.
This package includes nunit.engine and related assemblies, for use by runner programs. It is not intended for direct use by users who simply want to run tests.
FsUnit is a set of extensions that add special testing syntax to xUnit 2.
Machine.Specifications.Runner.Console is the console runner for the Context/Specification framework Machine.Specifications
FSharpx is a library for the .NET platform implementing general functional constructs on top of the F# core library. Its main target is F# but it aims to be compatible with all .NET languages wherever possible. It currently implements: * Several standard monads: State, Reader, Writer, Either, Cont...
Storyteller Project Runner and Editor
Testing helpers for using NSubstitute with EntityFramework.
Library for running Xamarin.Forms inside of unit tests
It's what a Mocking Framework should be. Powerful. And it's the first of its kind.
Tooling to empower BDD-style unit testing conventions; R# snippets for easier usage are available by project URL
Extension methods for asserts for a more readable assert. Ex: 1.ShouldNotBeEqualTo(2)
ReportGenerator converts XML reports generated by OpenCover, dotCover, Visual Studio, NCover, or Cobertura or into human readable reports in various formats. The reports do not only show the coverage quota, but also include the source code and visualize which line has been covered. Use this package...
Report Portal SpecFlow agent
Bumblebee is a .NET layer on top of the Selenium browser automation framework allowing for standardized creation of page objects, even for dynamic web pages.
QUnit installation into Bridge.NET projects.
Extends Selenium objects. Automation Wrapper Product which allows advanced and complicated Selenium actions with minimum code. Allows bi-directional interaction with Selenium. This package will not affect any current Selenium implementations it will only add extension methods to Selenium objects.
Data Contracts (DTOs) for all Gravity API Products
Unit test helpers for asserting public properties on class instances "mapped" from one type to another (via AutoMapper, another tool, or hand-written code) have the correct values.
You will be able to manipulate Win32 Controls. This library is built on Friendly Layer.
Project and item templates containing basic NUnit 3 Test Project.