Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

Utilities for unit testing using xunit framework.
This library is a contribution to Microsoft Fakes. It allows tests to verify expectations on mocks with an easy and fluent syntax.
$ dotnet new -i Paulovich.Manga $ dotnet new manga It creates a .NET Solution with a layered backend (Domain - Application - Infrastructure - WebApi) with the Clean Architecture Style.
Allows creating acceptance tests in developer friendly environment by offering LightBDD.Framework features on top of Fixie testing framework. High level features: * user friendly bdd scenario definitions; * test execution tracing and time measurement, helpful during longer test execution; * Xml/Htm...
Provides LightBDD integration with Autofac, allowing to use Autofac as DI container for LightBDD scenarios.
Auto-mocking Autofac container that uses NSubstitute.
This project is to speed up and clean up unit testing and test driven development by returning random values.
Specify is a .Net testing library that builds on top of BDDfy from TestStack
A derived host to create a windows service that can run context-graphs with instrumentation enabled.
The console command-line runner for Persimmon.
A test framework for F#
MyTested.WebApi is unit testing library providing easy fluent interface to test the ASP.NET Web API framework. See the project repository and documentation for more information and available features.
Persimmon.Dried.Gen provide value generator for property based testing.
Cross-platform performance benchmarking and testing framework for .NET applications.
Persimmon.Unquote is a fork of Unquote for Persimmon.
Build tasks and targets for running tests with Test Platform
The cross platform Microsoft Test Platform.
Easy-to-use test run reporter for MSTestV2
Provides base classes and extension methods to help with testing applications written with Sharp Architecture.
A suite of Roslyn based convention specifications for enforcing code conventions in your codebase