Top 20 NuGet Silverlight Packages

Smart Xamarin support library for .NET
Smart WPF support library for .NET
Command-line tools for DotVVM.
Application Insights Tracing module for ASP.NET Core DotVVM
Xamarin Forms specific extensions to ReactiveUI
This package is only a redirect to the System.Waf.Wpf package. System.Waf.Wpf is the successor of this package.
Note: This is just an alias for the new OpenRiaServices.Client package in order to make upgrading easy.
Settings Plugin for MvvmCross, supporting Android, iOS, Windows Store (Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Store 8.1) and WPF projects.
A MvvmCross plugin to detect network changes in your application
Reactive navigation for MVVM applications
The MVVM Light Toolkit is a set of components helping people to get started in the Model-View-ViewModel pattern in Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, Windows 10 UWP, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Forms. It is a light and pragmatic framework that allows you to pick which components you want to ...
Provides Observable-based events API for Xamarin Forms UI controls/eventhandlers. The contents of this package is automatically generated, please target pull-requests to the code generator.
Most of Codon's functionality is located in this shared code base, which is a .NET Standard library. Features that require platform specific implementation are implemented in respective platform specific packages. In the case of this package, the platform specific packages are: Codon.Android, Codon....
This package consists of a .NET Standard library that provides undo/redo support. Codon is a zero-dependency cross-platform MVVM framework for creating UWP, WPF, and Xamarin applications. It provides much of what you need to rapidly create sophisticated yet maintainable applications.
Set of ready to use common dialog boxes and components based on the MVVM pattern for WPF/xaml applications. Provide also a basic MVVM framework with a back-end application controller. See the gitHub repository and wiki: See the blog to have more explanations...
Annotation attributes for DotVVM Dynamic Data that provide additional features.
This package contains the 'TextSelection' plugin for MvvmCross
MVVM-Sidekick ============= MVVM密友 =================== A Modern light-weight MVVM framework based on RX and TPL await 轻量级MVVM框架,基于RX与 await等新技术
WPF controls, converters and helpers for MVVM.
Neutronium is a MVVM HTLM View engine for C# application. This is a standalone package including Knockout.js and ChromiumFx.