Top 20 NuGet Security Packages

Authentication and service implementation for the Twitch API.
OpenIddict's core components, used to manage the applications, authorizations, scopes and tokens stored in the database.
Easy-to-use OpenID Connect server for ASP.NET Core.
.Net library for two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication using TOTP and QR-codes.
ASP.NET Core authentication middleware for OpenID 2.0 providers.
Crypteron Security Framework Core Library shared by CipherDB, CipherStor, CipherObject and other products.
Puma Scan is a software security analyzer providng real time, continuous source code analysis as development teams write and build code.
Entity Framework Core stores for OpenIddict.
OpenID Connect server components for OpenIddict.
OpenIddict's abstractions.
A useful service class that provides functionality for generating and validating JWTs.
Cross platform plugin for Firebase Authentication
A wrapper library for Mojang API. Used to authenticate user, manage skins and getting data such as statistics, profiles, and API status.
This library provides shared functionality for the NWebsec ASP.NET Core security libraries.
NWebsec middleware for ASP.NET Core applications. NWebsec helps you set important security headers and detect potentially dangerous redirects. See project website for documentation.
User security base library for developing apps on .NET Standard 2.0
Misuse resistant symmetric encryption library providing AES-SIV (RFC 5297), AES-PMAC-SIV, and STREAM constructions
A cross platform library for communicating with the KeepKey hardwarewallet Supports Android, UWP, .NET Core and .NET Framework with Hid.Net. Support for other platforms can be added with Hid.Net dependency injection
Implementation of the Fortuna CPRNG, with various enhancements. To get started, see the MurrayGrant.Terninger.Random.PooledEntropyCprngGenerator class. Or use the 'Terninger' nuget package. See for PGP & Keybase signatures of nuget packages.
Active network based entropy sources for Terninger including ping, external http sites and other random sources (via http). See for PGP & Keybase signatures of nuget packages.