Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

SQLite + NHibernate пакет для Zen.Core
Nhibernate Persistence Helper
My package description.
Larsu.Hibernate provides a small framework which aims to ease the integration of NHibernate
NHibernate and dynamic linq customizations for using NodaTime
NHibernate customizations for using NodaTime
My package description.
Security Library for NHibernate
Grapes it is an utility library which takes care of mapping tree-like data structures into database. Probably you want to install Brandy.Grapes.NHibernate or Brandy.Grapes.FluentNHibernate
An easy to use Repository and UnitOfWork pattern for NHibernate.
DNTProfiler.NHibernate.Core is an NHibernate 4.0+ profiler. To view its real-time collected information and reports, you need to download the DNTProfiler application too.
Format the SQL output on the SQL tab when using your existing NHibernate assemblies in LINQPad. Import into LINQPad and run the sample .linq query to learn more.
some common class used in my development.An NHibernateSessionContext could used both in web and desk app, and so on..
support NHibernate
NHibernate extensions and functions.
Framework para camada de repository utilizando NHibernate
A dll for quickly setting up a NHibernate Repository
A dll for quickly setting up a NHibernate Repository
Console runner for NHibernate.ProxyGenerators.
Lightweight near zero-configuration library for easy conventional mapping for nhibernate.