Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

The Oracle provider of the
Dehydrator helps you combine ORMs like Entity Framework with REST service frameworks like WebAPI. By stripping navigational references in your entities down to only their IDs their serialized representation no longer contains redundant or cyclic data. When new or modified deserialized data needs to ...
Trinity is a flexible data access tool. This is the Microsoft sql server version
Trinity is a flexible data access tool. This is the MySQL server version.
Trinity is a flexible data access tool. This is the Oledb(access) version.
Simple ORM for .NET applications.
An easy to use C# database interfacing library
This package provides core interfaces and helpers used by Dehydrator. Install this package instead of the main Dehydrator package in Model-only assemblies to reduce coupling.
A CRUD wrapper for Dapper. In order to use it, you'll need a provider; Jaunty.SqlClient or Jaunty.PgSql
PostgreSQL support for Jaunty
SQL Server support for Jaunty
Lightweight implementation of Repository Pattern based on Dapper ORM. This implementation supports CRUD operations via auto-generated plain SQL
An implemented IGridReader for PicnicOrm using Dapper.
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
This is a powerful and simple Web development library
NCommon extensions for ASP.Net MVC
Adds Compiled Materializers to Tortuga Chain.
MongoDB implementation of the EASE database framework
Entity framework implementation of EASE database framework
Fluent ORM for .NET and PostgreSQL.