Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

Bulk operations for Entity Framework
Integration test tools such as LocalDb database creation for integration testing.
Providers access to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA via EntityFramwork and LINQ.
EF Core - Generic Repository
A set of extensions for entity framework classess providing useful functionality, such as update or delete methods for EF Queries, as well as some utility extensions.
T4 templates for generating repositories with NecroNetToolkit.
Provides powerful data access components to WebAPI server featuring OData 4 extended implementation, view projection technology, two-way data synchronization and seamless integration with Entity Framework. For the client counterpart, please install Intersoft.AppFramework package.
InMemory extensions for FluentModelBuilder
A library that extends the functionality of Entity Framework 6.1 by adding batch update, future queries and audit logs.
Early preview of some testing helpers for Entity Framework.
A library for resetting Entity Framework databases as fast as possible, for integration testing
This is a repository pattern for Entity Framework (EF) Core.
A lightweight library for generating a data context and repository on the fly.
Simple assembly to suppress logging for NHibernate which helps with query speed execution. Since NH is doing all the work on creating logging messages to log, some of that work affects the execution of the query for your model. This pkg suppresses the creation of said messages and thus giving you ...
This library allows developers to Create, Update, and Delete database schemas based on their hibernate.cfg.xml and *.hmb.xml entity mapping files, and Fluent Mappings stored on project assemblies.
Embedded web NHibernate console for NHibernate 2
Embedded web NHibernate console for NHibernate 3
Enables using LINQ to query persistent collections
CSharpSQLite driver for Fluent NHibernate.