Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

Cross platform ORM.
Allows a developer to write database queries using standard .net code, the queries are written in a similar manner as sql except you reference your .net objects instead of tables, the object and properties are mapped to the schema with attributes. This provides an abstraction from the schema/databas...
Custom ORM Library,auto property update
ORM for distillery application
NI.Data Extensions
Nightingale is a object relational mapper for .NET including .NET Core. It also offers automatic entity generation, lazy loading, enum support and much more.
Needed external libraries for RapidORM. Package includes MySql.Data and SQLLite dependencies
Easily map data from DbDataReader to Poco objects or Poco to DbCommand parameters. You can use DbDataReader/DbCommand that you already know, and still have an easy to maintain transformation to/from POCO objects.
An ORM framework.
View Manipulation Layer for Sipenix Framework based Entities
ORM Layer for Sipenix Framework based Entities
Data Access Layer for Sipenix Framework based Entities
This client library is a powerful tool for MSSQL/PostgreSQL. This tool allows to easy execute command/procedure with using only one line of code. Samples - If you have any questions or need improvement feel free to c...
A utility used to quickly map ADO.Net data tables to POCOs by name.