Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

EF+ Audit | Entity Framework Audit Trail Context and Track Changes.
EF+ Batch Delete | Entity Framework Batch Delete Objects Without Loading Them.
EF+ Batch Update | Entity Framework Batch Update Objects Without Loading Them.
.Net Core 2.0 SqlSugar ORM ,High-performance, lightweight
Extends ADONetHelper library for Teradata
Classes to serialize, deserialize and validate OData JSON payloads. Supports OData v4 only. Enables construction of OData services and clients. Targets .NET Platform Standard 1.1. Localized for CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR and RUS. OData .NET library is open source at
Classes bridge from ODataToEntity to Entity Framework Core. Abstraction layer access to DataContext Entity Framework Core. Targets .NET Core with support for .NET 4.6.1
Kotas utilities - a library for data access via entity framework
Fast Bulk insert extension for SqlServerCe using EntityFramework 6
Fast Bulk insert extension for MySql using EntityFramework 6
SQL Server database provider for OpenCQRS domain store.
MySQL database provider for OpenCQRS domain store.
Entity Framework Core database provider for OpenCQRS domain store.
Entity Framework-based persistence layer for IdentityServer3
TSQL plugin for KY.Generator
NHibernate Validator is a powerful and extensible framework to validate objects using the .Net Platform. Born as a port of Hibernate Validator 3.0.0 project at december of 2007. Later on, many improvements and changes were made to the Core and API, and now we can say that NHibernate Validator is mor...
NHibernate Shards is a framework that adds support for horizontal partitioning to NHibernate Core.
SQL Server driver for Iridium
Iridium is a lightweight multi-platform .NET ORM for mobile, desktop and servers
A polyglot library to help POCO objects work with both NoSQL and SQL databases at the same time on .NET Standard 2.0