Top 20 NuGet NOSQL Packages

redis nosql database library
A logger service based on INoSqlRepositories library
Very useful RavenDB extensions.
Use POCO classes in the Neo4jClient library, ORM style. Annotate with System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Schema attributes. Supports Complex Types too.
An extension to the official driver of MongoDB for C#, that allows more compiled and powerful update commands. See the README of the GitHub repository for tutorials and examples.
Identity implementation for the .Net Core Identity using the Neo4jClient package
A NetStandard 2.0 Neo4j based identity provider for ASP.NET.
Object-document mapper between TrackableData and DynamoDb.
A little magic added to the RavenDB client libraries.
Repository Pattern Implementation for Amazon DynamoDB
A document generic "database".
MongoDB ASP.NET Providers including Membership, Role, Profile and Session State Providers.
An index for storing multiple values against a key, using table storage.
Framework for creating Couchbase views from attributes on model classes.
A strongly typed object store, using JSON to persist data in blob storage.
MongoDB implementation for event sourcing with Waffle.
Extension functions for BookSleeve that provide simple object storage.
Samples for "SchwabenCode - MongoDBInfrastructure"
A very compact representation of a list of samples, usually referred as time series. Inspired from
Implementation of common .NET collection types (i.e IDictionary, ISet, IList) via abstraction over StackExchange.Redis